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Oct 23, 2017

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12, 2014 at 10:15pm

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Name: Benna
Gender: Female
Race: Wildkin

Description: Benna is always hopping from one animal form to another. Whatever form she appears in, Benna always has bright yellow eyes that give off a glow at night. When in her wildkin form she has black hair with gold streaks in it - though no one knows if it is natural or not since she rarely appears in her wildkin state. She appears most often as a common, white, domesticated cat.

Background: Benna isn't sure how old she is; she was discovered by a tribe of druid wildkins, half-dead in her cat form. They called on an ancient druid healer to save her life. He agreed to do it in exchange for her memories. Not conscious at the time, Benna had no say in the matter. When she woke up she remembered only the ghost of her name: Benna. She knows it isn't her actual name but it is the closest she can come to remembering it. She has a habit of "accidentally" doing spells. She has no memory of learning magic but it will sometimes just come to her suddenly, especially when naturally reacting to something.

Though the wildkins might have banded together to flight the Tormented, they are not always trusting of one another. Benna prefers to stay in the shadows of any conflict and instead remains neutral, though, out of gratitude to the druid tribe who saved her, she will occasionally go on missions of secrecy when called upon by their council.
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