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Oct 23, 2017

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12, 2014 at 9:05pm

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It was a time of war, a time when many things where lost. Husbands, Mothers, innocence and livelihoods. I had lost my family, my home and my future but amongst the rubble i would also find something. Many things could be found amongst the rubble of our former lives, cloths, shrapnel, sheet music singed and bloodied. but what i would find would change my life.

The sirens gave us warning of the attack, if only a few seconds. The shrill noise woke me. Soon screams and explosion filled the night. Walls crumbled like that of a toy house made out of plastic bricks. only these bricks where deadly as they flew threw the smoke thickened air. Car alarms blared, child cried, dogs barked, Men shouted to one anther trying to create order. but how could there be any when death fell from the sky encased in metal. Terrified i cowered in the doorway of the bakers. hot wind rushed past my fast as houses in the next street seemed to brake apart in slow motion. i screamed, the noise was lost amongst the din.

For a time the terror went on. smoke and dust filled the air till i could not see the other side of the street. faintly i could see the orange light of fire in the gloom and the bright white flashes of bombs exploding. Then as suddenly as it had started the explosion stopped. A calm like no other descended, i could hear the faint sound of rubble shifting and settling, the crackle of the fires.

i was just working up the courage to move from my stop when something emerged from the smoke. a dog. for a moment we simply looked at each other. then slowly i knelt and she come forward to my embrace. she shook just as much as i did. we where two survivor that night draw together by re-leaf that no bomb had fallen on our heads, later that night i would find her puppies has been less fortunate. and Little did i know my luck was about to run out the next air-rade would leave me blind. My new found friends would look after as she had her poor pups, with out her i would have been yet another number amongst the cacuaties of war. as it was our meeting would be the start of a victory over odds far grater than ether of us knew. together we would survive and help rebuild the world we once knew.


0_0 not sure where the come from *shrugs*

Anyways next promp: horror
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