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Graphic Design Services

Iris Development creates graphical images for many different uses.  Our main tool for this trade is Adobe Photoshop, although we do occasionally use programs such as Blender if they are required.

Graphic design is artistry, to us, and we take that seriously.  We provide our services for many different types of customers, but on each job we agree to do we use the same standards of quality and artistry.

Our graphic design service is made up of three major parts: logo design, digital art, and header/banner design.

Logo design

is offered primarily to businesses, although not exclusively so.  A logo is used to provide a company with a quick, effective way to mark themselves in the memory of a potential customer or client.

Digital art

can be used for a number of purposes, one of which could be to serve as the background or centrepiece for an article, a letter, a newsletter/magazine, or just anything else that requires a visual impact of some sort. Digital art can be used to illustrate a character or scene from a book you're writing, or it can be used to putting up on the wall: its purposes are nearly limitless.

Header/banner design

is generally used for websites.  This is actually closely linked with web design, except that we're not actually building any part of the site for you, we're just designing the header image (like the one at the top of this page).

Offered Services

All our graphic design services are offered as commissions, though they will be priced differently, based on length of time needed to complete and difficulty to create.  We work only with specific instructions from you, so you need to be precise and to think out exactly what it is you want.  We generally require informations such as...

Bullet image Desired colour scheme
Bullet image Required dimensions of the image
Bullet image Required text to be used in image (if any)
Bullet image General "feel" of image - (professional, folksy, etc)

Please note that any additional information is quite useful, as well - any information we receive makes our job easier and also ensures that the finished product is something you want and is something that will do its job effectively and well.
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