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Web Design Services

We offer you six stages of web design.  Each stage provides you with both its particular service and also the service of all stages that came before it.  For example, unless you tell us otherwise, when you hire us for the third stage, content insertion and website coding, you will also receive our aesthetic layout design services and our code layout services.

No stage is meant to stand alone in web design, so unless you are experienced in the area or are already in posession of a template or site, we recommend that you consider stages 1 through 4.

Stage 1: Aesthetic Layout Design

Aesthetic layout design is the stage of the design process in which the visual side of the site is created and perfected.  It is at the start of this stage that a few crucial design decisions need to be made: what 'feel' should the site have?  Should it be light or dark?  Is there a particular theme that should be followed?

It should be noted that aesthetic layouts come as a single image stored with a .PSD (Adobe Photoshop document) extention.  This does not include any of the code to make the layout work on an actual website: if you have experience in the field of web design, you can do the coding yourself.  If not, we recommend that you consider looking at our next stage of web design!

With your ideas and our expertise, the finished aesthetic layout should be both tailored to your particular requirements and modern, sleek, and good-looking.  In other words, it should be a look you can be happy to have representing you online.

Stage 2: Code Layout

A code layout is used in conjunction with an aesthetic layout to create a final template for your site.  'Code' refers to the use of specialized computer programming languages such as HTML, PHP, MySQL, and CSS.  These languages (usually one or two used together, not all at once) instruct your computer what to display on its screen inside the web browser - what to display and also where to display it.

Thus, a code layout provides structure for an aesthetic layout and readies it for use in a website.  What a code layout does not do is make a website: it simply makes a web page with the aesthetic layout shown.  It is then up to you to create the additional pages that make up your website and to add the content into them.  Alternatively, you could look at stage 3 in our web design process and let us do this for you.

Stage 3: Content Insertion and Website Coding

Content insertion refers to the stage of web design in which your site's template is used to create a fully-functional website.  Without content, there is no reason to have a website: every website exists for a specific purpose, and it will not be fulfilling its goals without content.

Content is created entirely by you: we do not write it for you, we merely put it into the site and ensure that it is all working properly.

Additionally, we offer website coding.  This is not the same as layout coding: website coding allows the creation of features such as 'sign up' or 'log in' pages, which will store user information for you on your site, or a 'contact us' form like the one on this site.  Website coding's uses are virtually limitless, but it is very time-consuming, so it will increase the overall cost of the site.  On the other hand, it can lend a very professional feel to a site and can prove invaluable for some types of sites (such as websites that need a 'membership' option).  If you're not sure if you want any website coding on your site, just send us your questions and we'll try to help you decide.

Stage 4: Website Domain Purchasing and Hosting

Domain purchasing is required for any website: when someone types the address of your site into their web browser (the address being something like, the domain is what tells the browser exactly where to go to find your site.  Without the domain name of '', even though we had our site online, no one would be able to find it.

The other important part of this stage is website hosting.  A web host is a computer that will store your site on it and will automatically show it to visitors when they want to see it.  Most quality web hosts don't do this for free, however, so a monthly fee is to be expected.  Along with a domain name, a web host is essential to getting your site online and able to be viewed.

You can set up your own domain and web host, or if you prefer we can guide you through the process - we can even do it for you, if you'd like.

Stage 5: Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your site become well-known on the internet by increasing its place in the listings of popular search engine sites such as Google or Yahoo!.  This is vital for increasing traffic ('hits') for your website, and the more hits your site receives, the more effect it will have.

Search engine optimization acts as a sort of passive marketing and advertising campaign, and is one of the first things any site should do to promote itself. We offer to optimize your site for search engines for you: all you need to do is answer a short questionnaire on how you'd like your site advertised.

Stage 6: Website Maintenance

The final stage of website design is website maintenance.  Having a website is wonderful, but if you never update it, the site will grow stale and people will become uninterested in it.  One of the greatest ways to make visitors recognize that your site (and, by extention, you yourself, or the company you represent) is a forward-moving one is by updating your website's contents frequently and making occasional changes to its aesthetic design.  This keeps your visitors interested in returning and promotes a healthy sense of activity.  If will also help reassure any visitors that the content on your site is still relevant and valid: nothing says "outdated" like a dead website.

We are happy to help you in this process.  As part of any contract, we offer several months of free minor aesthetic design changes and reduced prices on content insertion, but if you need something more and want us always to be available to you to update your site, you will want us for website maintenance.  This is a contract in which you pay a certain rate for as long as the contract is valid, during which time we provide a certain amount of updating to your site, as determined by our contract.

We recommend this final stage for anyone without knowledge of website design or without the time to worry about going through the website and updating it: we'll go through it for you and provide our recommendations for updates to you.
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